The materials we use to produce our handbags are the result of an accurate research, mindful of the environment and product sustainability as well as of the well-being of future generations. We use materials which populate everyday life to craft signature handbags that will set you aside from the crowd.
All handbags are produced using unique and exclusive materials in combination with jeans fabric, which not only is a “zero-kilometre” product, but is also a way of paying tribute to the beautiful Italian region I come from: Liguria. This is in fact where jeans fabric historically originated from and became known and appreciated all over the world for its quality and sturdiness (the name originates from the French “blue-genes”, also referred to as “blue Genoa”). Nowadays it is still an extremely versatile and durable fabric, which can easily be adapted to suit any occasion.

The main material used to produce Monica Zuccheri’s handbags is denim, combined with a variety of innovative and sustainable materials, such as vegan leather, velvet and cotton. We are however constantly on the lookout for new materials to employ in the production of our handbags, thus making them even more special. A great deal of care and attention goes into defining every single detail of our handbags, because we firmly believe in the importance of creating excellent quality products to meet out customers’ needs.