I started making my Monica Zuccheri handbags because I firmly believe that every woman deserves to shine. Every handbag has been created to give a clear message to all women: there is always a new opportunity awaiting each and everyone of us just around the corner and, most of all, we are all worth it! My handbags are practical and versatile as well as elegant, glamourous and modern. They range from being comfortable and spatious, to meet the needs of business women, to being small and practical for more casual and sporty types.

Women’s bags can hold a lot of things, including many memories. Some get lost along the way, others end up hidden away in some corner for fear of losing them. With Monica Zuccheri’s handbags you will be able to carry your dreams, your chances and your confidence around with you all the time!

I believe that handbags are essencial accessoires in our everyday lives and therefore should be worn just like we would wear our best outfit. Handbags add an extra touch of elegance and style and reflect each woman’s uniqueness.
A lot of thought and dedication went into designing my handbags, studying every single detail and developing creative ways to improve each item, thus making it more practical for everyday use. This is the reason why I am constantly on the lookout for innovative fabrics and materials to add to my collection.

All my handbags are exclusive, produced in limited edition and inside each of them is a little surprize.