Monica Zuccheri

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My logo was literally born “out of the blue”. I was in Greece at the time, precisely in Athens, during one of my many business trips. I was sitting at a table in a typical Greek tavern and while I waited for my order to come,

I started scribbling my signature on the paper tablecloth adding the symbol of the Greek eye at the end of it. This symbol bears a special meaning and unlike many may think, it is not a religious one.

The history of the Greek eye, also known as “Nazar Bonjuk”, dates back to ancient times and its origins can found in the Ottoman tradition. It is said that one day a group of villagers, belonging to one of the ancient Anatolian peoples, were busy working together in their village and needed to move a huge rock all the way to the sea shore. The rock was so heavy that nobody seemed to be able to move it.

They had tried using all tools and means known and available at that time, but the rock had not moved an inch. Not far from the village lived a man who was said to have the so-called “Nazar”, or evil eye. He had blue eyes and the people feared him greatly, as he was thought to dabble in black magic and evil curses. The villagers, however, had no other choice, but to seek his help. When they led him to the giant rock, the blue-eyed man stood there staring at it and then cried out: “What a huge rock!”. Suddenly the rock crumbled and fell into the sea. Ever since, people have believed in the positive power of the Blue Eye, capable of neutralizing the negativities of everyday life by means of a contrasting and equally powerful force.

My wish is for every woman carrying a Monica Zuccheri handbag to consider it as her lucky charm.